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The Restorative Bodywork office is closed for the time being - Thank you for your years of support!

When we are comfortable within ourselves we are
able to offer comfort to others.

Dorea D'Agostino's Restorative Bodywork is a blend of healing modalities - deep tissue massage/Muscular Therapy, Samvahan sound healing, movement education, and craniosacral therapy - leading you to feel rejuvenated in body, relaxed in mind and refreshed in spirit.

Placing in the top 3 in Channel 4's Best of Boston A-List for 2006, Dorea D'Agostino has over 15 years of experience helping clients recover from low back pain, repetitive strain injuries, chronic migraines, and day to day stress.

How you benefit from Bodywork:

Decreased stress and decreased muscle tension are the most commonly reported benefits of regular massage and bodywork treatments.

Other benefits include:

relief from chronic pain
increased range of motion & improved flexibility
decreased physical discomfort & stiffness
improved circulation
deeper relaxation & deeper/more restful sleep
improved alertness & mental clarity
enhanced mind/body awareness

About Restorative Bodywork

A typical bodywork session blends deep tissue massage and movement education with Samvahan to reduce and resolve chronic muscle tension and stress, relieve pain and improve athletic performance and flexibility. My goal is to help my clients find their way to a happier place in their bodies. My clients have found my work helpful for relief from chronic headaches, low back pain and repetitive strain injuries.